Ntch Trl-3/32 X 3/32 X 3/32 U-DS Hdle-LH


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Product Specifications
Notch Type Flat "V" Notch
Notch Size 3/32" X 3/32" X 3/32"

* Item will ship in the most proper combination of case, box, and singles.

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  • Aluminum alloy mounting riveted to a hard tempered steel blade
  • The left handed notched trowels have a resilient, curved DuraSoft® handle to provide excellent durability and to reduce fatigue
  • Used to spread adhesive or mastic on the base surface before laying tile, carpet, or other floor coverings
  • Notch style and size help to control depth and amount of adhesive applied
  • Notch width = 3/32", Notch depth = 3/32", Space between notches = 3/32"