12 oz. Drywall Hammer-16" Handle


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Full Product Description

  • Wedge shaped steel blade is notched underneath and doubles as a nail puller
  • Lightweight and perfectly balanced
  • Checkered, flat top head allows for striking nails close to coners
  • Hickory handle is offset
  • 16" long handle
  • Crowned face dimples drywall, setting the nails just below the surface for covering with compound
  • WARNING: Always use safety goggles when using hammers



Video Transcript

Our Drywall Hammers are designed to perform any task needed. The wedge shaped steel blade has a notch specifically designed for nail pulling.

Both styles have a checkered head designed to dimple drywall. One has a flat top head allowing for striking nails close to corners, while the other has a fully rounded and polished face.

Our hammers are fitted with a hickory handle to absorb shock and is offset to eliminate sore knuckles.

  • Hicory Handel
  • Notched Steel Blade
  • Checkered Head Design