The PermaFlexTM Flexible Finishing Drywall and Plaster Trowel

Here's Why You Need One For Your Next Job:

Key Features:

  • Flexible blade makes it easier to apply finish coats of plaster, drywall compound and EIFS
  • 10% lighter than most brands
  • Saves time - Rounded corners assist the flexible blade in leaving less drag lines
  • Premium stainless steel blade will not rust
  • Now available, the PermaFlex™ finishing trowel is available in 11, 12, 13, 14, 16 and 18" lengths, all 4 5/16" wide, with your choice of wood or DuraSoft® handle.

Permaflex Drywall Plastering Trowel Flexible

Permaflex drywall and plastering trowel

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