MIXER, 1220MP, RAM, 7.5HP ELEC 3 PH 460V, Pintle


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Product Specifications
Motor 7.5 HP Electric Motor 3 Phase, 460V
Tow Kit Yes
Coupler Pintle Style
Outriggers No

* Item will ship in the most proper combination of case, box, and singles.

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  • 12 Cubic foot batch capacity
  • 4/2 Paddle system - includes 4 drum scrapers and 2 end scrapers on opposed mixing arms for thorough mixing and less drum clean-up
  • Aggressive mixing system with adjustable steel and rubber blades for a smooth, even mix
  • Square shaft paddle design for less slipping and better efficiency
  • Heavy steel drum grill with bag splitter
  • Structural steel design
  • Hydraulic direct drive featuring hydraulic controls on the front of the mixer
  • Large drum capacity - perfect for any sized job
  • High-speed tow kit comes standard
  • "U" Spring suspension
  • Ram dump mechanism hydraulically tilts drum for effortless batch dumping
  • For convenience and safety, the reversible paddle direction allows the paddle to rotate in the opposite direction to help break free from a jam
  • Discharge height 23" (584mm)
  • 30 RPM drum rotation
  • Drum volume cubic foot - 15.3
  • Batch capacity - 4 bags
  • Hydraulic reservoir – 2.5 gallons.
  • See Recommended Oil Type