Crain® Super Saw w/ Case

The Crain® Super Saw helps you undercut doors, inside corners, and masonry walls. It comes with a powerful 13 amp motor and has a 6½" flush-cutting blade. The blade height is adjustable up from a flush cut to a maximum of 1" off the floor. It comes with one fine cut (100 teeth) blade, one masonry blade, detailed instructions, and a carrying case.
  • Powerful 13 amp motor
  • 6½" flush-cutting blade.
  • Adjustable blade height from flush to maximum of 1" off the floor

ITEM ID 15515
PART # 812SS

Item ID 15515

Shipping Weight 19.00 lbs
Shipping Length 14.25 "
Shipping Width 12.00 "
Shipping Height 12.75 "
Inner Pack Quantity 1
Outer Pack Quantity 2
Can Ship Small Package YES
UPC 734995812002
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