Weathered Edge Wall Stamps

MARSHALLTOWN's Weathered Edge Wall Stamps help create an elegant look on an existing concrete wall. The stamps can be used together to form a random look as desired for a professional result. This product comes in green, blue, or black for either a stamp or finishing tool. The stamps come in a 12" x 24" design with the option of finishing tools that are 4" x 18", both with grout lines of ½"-1" deep. All of these quality options are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • 12" x 24" stamp size
  • 4" x 18" finishing tool size
  • Grout lines are ½"-1" deep
  • Comes in green, blue, or black
  • Made in the USA with Global Materials
  • This item has a 15 day lead-time before shipping

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