ROLLER SCREED ASSEMBLY (Live End Handle, Motor, Lag End Handle & End Caps)


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  • Perfect for pervious concrete, angled slabs, or any standard form-to-form pour
  • Quiet electric motor allows screed to be used indoors
  • Aluminum tube sizing available in 4'-12' (1.2M-3.7M) lengths, in 1' (.3M) increments and 14- 28' (4.3M-8.5M) lengths in 2' (.6M) increments
  • Roller tubes longer than 22' (6.7M) require a double-headed configuration
  • Lightweight design
  • 11.5 amp, 120V electric motor with reverse switch capability
  • Concrete Roller Screed assembly (RS14) includes:
    • Lag end plug
    • Power head end plug
    • Lag end handle
    • Power head end handle w/ motor 
    • Chuck key and clevis pin

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