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Removing snow from rooflines is crucial to preventing the formation of ice dams that can lead to significant structural damage, but this can be backbreaking work.

Not with Avalanche!

Our line of Avalanche! snow removal tools are lightweight, easy to assemble, and can remove snow in no time. As you roll the Avalanche! over your shingles, the slide unspools, causing an “avalanche” of snow to safely slide down and off your roof. Benefits include:

• Easy to assemble, no additional tools needed
• Glides over roofs and hard to reach areas to clear snow
• No back strain

• Saves you time and energy
• Takes the danger out of snow removal
• Made in the USA

Avalanche! snow removal products will have you prepared for winter.

Click on the images below to order yours today!


If you need help with your purchase, please call us at (800) 888-0127.