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New Products

Introducing our lineup of new innovative tools designed to elevate your construction and landscaping experience. Our Curry-Style Trowels are meticulously crafted to provide optimal precision and control for masonry work, ensuring a flawless finish every time. Elevate your comfort and performance with the Durasoft® Handle Putty & Joint Knives, featuring ergonomic designs that reduce fatigue and enhance productivity. Experience groundbreaking efficiency with the Shockwave™ 2.0 Power Screed and the Speed Striker™ 2.0 Power Screed, engineered for smooth and efficient concrete leveling, setting a new standard in construction technology. Also, explore our Proscape™ Stainless Steel Shovels designed to withstand the toughest tasks, making them the go-to choice for professionals. Transform your work with these premium tools, where innovation meets reliability for unparalleled results.