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Effortlessly Repair Damaged Drywall

The WAL-BOARD TOOLS Drywall Repair Clips help you make professional-quality repairs to damaged drywall.


At some point, you will encounter a damaged wall in your home, whether it’s from a doorknob or a piece of furniture. The WAL-BOARD TOOLS Drywall Repair Clips provide you with an easy way to repair the damaged area without having to hire a professional. The best part is that you will achieve professional-quality results with just a few steps.

Step 1: Remove the Damaged Area

The first step is to remove the damaged area. Start by marking a cutout around the damaged area and removing it with a drywall saw. We recommend using the WAL-BOARD TOOLS Drywall Utility Saw with a comfortable soft grip handle.

Marking cutout
Drywall saw

Step 2: Secure Drywall Clips

Once the damaged area is removed, you can place the WAL-BOARD TOOLS Drywall Repair Clips. To do this, slide a clip into the edge of the cutout followed by a drywall screw to secure the clip in place. Do this four times around the opening of the cutout.

Secure clips
Clips in place

Step 3: Place and Screw in Drywall Panel

The next step is to cut a new drywall panel the same size and shape as the cutout. Place it into the cutout and drive a screw into each clip along the edge. To remove the metal tabs, bend them over a few times until they snap off. They will snap off easily thanks to the special design of the drywall clips.

Panel in place
Remove tabs

Step 4: Finishing Touches

Lastly, apply those finishing touches. Using a 6” WAL-BOARD TOOLS Stainless Steel Joint Knife, apply a layer of drywall compound over the repair area followed by a layer of tape and one more layer of drywall compound. Once everything is smooth and dry, apply your preferred texture and paint so the area matches the rest of the wall.

Finishing touches


The WAL-BOARD TOOLS Drywall Repair Clips are designed with durability in mind, ensuring long-lasting performance. You will find 6 clips and 12 screws in each pack. These clips are compatible with both ½” and 5/8” drywall panels, making them versatile for various repair projects. With this quality product, the process of fixing a damaged wall is easier and more approachable for a DIYer, while still yielding professional results.