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FASTcap™ is Faster, Easier, and More Durable

The innovative FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System makes leveling medium to large format tiles easier than ever.

Some of the most popular tiles on the market are larger plank tiles and rectangular tiles. Laying entire floors with this size of tile while avoiding tile lippage can be difficult. To make this process go as smoothly as possible, you should consider using a tile leveling system. A lot of the tile leveling systems available are either too time-consuming or require the use of additional tools, which is why MARSHALLTOWN developed the FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System consisting of Ratchet Caps and Spacer Bases.



Now we're excited to share that FASTcap™ is back and it’s better than ever! This guide will fill you in on what makes our tile leveling system stand out.

Faster and Easier

The FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System is the fastest one on the market not only for installation but also removal. The system eliminates the often tedious and fatiguing process of spinning the Cap on and off the base—simply press the Ratchet Cap down. Once the Cap is in place, turn it until the adjacent tiles are level. This is the only time spinning will be needed.

using fastcap
pushing down cap


Removing the Ratchet Caps and Spacer Bases can be done quickly and easily. All you have to do is kick the Caps or hit them with a mallet to knock them free. Then, separate the Spacer Base from the Ratchet Caps, disposing of the Bases and keeping the Caps for future use. This process is even smoother now because the Spacer Bases have been designed to break off easier.

Pro Tip

Only hit the Rachet Caps in line with the grout joint—never across. Hitting across the joint can result in broken Caps or Bases that don't break cleanly.

removing caps


More Durable

Another attractive feature of MARSHALLTOWN’s FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System is that the Ratchet Caps are reusable for multiple jobs, saving you money. Now, they have been enhanced and redesigned to last even longer. Each Ratchet Cap has six support gussets (instead of three) and a thicker internal ring for increased re-usability.


The FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System Spacer Bases come in three styles that are compatible with a variety of tile patterns. Choose a 1/16” or 1/8” straight style, 1/8” T style, or 1/8” plus (+) style. The straight Spacer Bases are used for wall edges and can be used for both staggered and square layouts. The T Spacers Bases are used in staggered intersections, and plus (+) Spacer Bases are used in square intersections. By offering multiple Spacer Base styles, tile intersections can be leveled with one Spacer Base and Rachet Cap compared to other leveling systems that generally require four bases and an equal number of caps or wedges for intersections. All styles and sizes of the Spacer Bases now feature thinner feet for more clearance under tiles.



The MARSHALLTOWN FASTcap™ Tile Leveling System offers significant advantages over traditional tile leveling systems. With a faster and easier installation and removal process, increased durability, and three Spacer Base styles, it stands out as a top choice for achieving perfectly leveled tile surfaces free of tile lippage.