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One Tool Provides Superior Coverage for Tile Applications

The MARSHALLTOWN LayFlat™ Notched Trowel features wave-shaped notches that eliminate air pockets between the substrate and tile.

Notched trowels are essential tools for tile installers. Their purpose is to spread thinset over floors and walls. The notches on the sides of the trowel create an even base of ridged mortar. Once a tile is placed, the mortar compresses, providing a complete bond between the tile and the surface, and this bond is what keeps tile in place for years. There are many notched trowels to choose from, all with different notch shapes and sizes. The choice is easy with MARSHALLTOWN’s LayFlat™ Notched Trowel, the one-of-a-kind tiling tool you want in your toolbox. This trowel is unique and will give you a superior bond between the tile and the substrate on both walls and floors.

There are three features of the LayFlat™ Notched Trowel that make this tool ideal for any professional or DIYer tile installer.

Unique Notch Shape

The tiling tool’s unique notch shape is a game-changer for tile installers. It features wave-like notches that create ridges. These ridges provide an overlapping and more easily collapsible action of thinset mortar which eliminates air pockets between tile and underlayment.

Wave Notches


The result? Superior coverage and adhesion. When compared to a standard notched trowel, the LayFlat™ Notched trowel resulted in better coverage, which will keep your tile secure for years to come.  

Side by side


Professional-Quality Construction

Crafted from the highest-grade carbon steel, this impressive trowel is durable and built to last. The Xtralight® aluminum alloy mounting adds stability to the tool during use. Additionally, it features a resilient DuraSoft® handle, providing users with a comfortable grip that reduces fatigue.



Size Variety

With three different notch sizes and two blade sizes, the LayFlat™ Notched Trowel can meet the diverse needs of your tiling projects. It comes in notch sizes of 1/2", 1/4", and 3/8” and blade sizes of 11 x 4 1/2" or 16 x 4". These various options allow you to handle medium to large format tiles on both walls and floors with the most complete coverage.

Large format 1
Large format 2


The unique notch shape, professional-quality construction, and size variety help MARSHALLTOWN's LayFlat™ Notched Trowel stand out among the competition. It’s the best choice for your next tiling project, allowing you to work with confidence and ease.  

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