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2-in-1 Tool Speeds Up Drywall Projects

The MARSHALLTOWN TapeShooter™ Drywall Taper allows you to tape and mud drywall seams with one tool.


When hanging drywall, you must tape and apply joint compound (mud) to the seams between the sheets of drywall and at the corners. This process can be time-consuming and may give DIYers a challenge. Using the MARSHALLTOWN TapeShooter™ Drywall Taper is quick, efficient, and simple to use – everything a DIYer and professional wish for!

When you tape drywall with the traditional method, you have to do everything manually. After hanging the drywall, you have to mix the mud and apply it to the seams with a taping knife. Next, you have to lay down tape over the seams and cover with another layer of mud. After the mud is dry, you have to apply another layer over the tape. This traditional method takes a lot of time, but using the TapeShooter™ applies the mud and tape simultaneously, ensuring a quick process.

Step 1: Load Tape

Put a spool of drywall tape into the tape spool and close the gate. Thread the tape through the slot in the back, into the mud compartment. Push the tape toward the top to make room for the mud. Then run the tape through the slot in the front.

insert spool
thread tape
push tape up
front slot


Step 2: Mix Mud

Add water to your joint compound to thin it out. Mix thoroughly with a drill and an eggbeater mixer. If necessary, add more water until the mud is smooth and creamy.

mixed mud


Step 3: Add Mud to Taper

Add the mud to the compartment until it’s mostly full, making sure the tape remains in place along the top. Close the lid and lock it down.

load mud
full of mud


Step 4: Set the Flow Adjuster

The flow adjuster allows you to choose how much mud you want to come out with the tape. Once you do this, you’re ready to apply mud and tape at the same time.

flow adjuster


Step 5: Apply to Drywall

When applying, make sure to apply the tape in short sections. The best way is to use your dominant hand to control the TapeShooter™ and your non-dominant hand to press down the tape as you move further down the wall. Continue to apply the mud and tape along the joint. When you get to the end, tear the tape off with the built-in cutter, then lightly press it back into place.



Step 6: Set and Clean

Lastly, use a taping knife to set the tape and clean up the excess mud. Once the mud is dry, add another layer and let that dry.

It’s that easy!

knife 2


This tool is made with tough, lightweight aluminum so it’s easy to hold and use. Additionally, it has a DuraSoft® handle for extra comfort.