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Ultimate Knee Protection with BARWALT®

The BARWALT® Ultralight™ Knee Pads offer all-day comfort and protection.

Knee pads are essential for anyone who spends long hours kneeling while doing a wide range of jobs, such as concrete work, tiling, gardening, and more. They provide protection and comfort, reducing the risk of knee injuries and fatigue. Among the various options available, the BARWALT® KN-1 and KN-3 Ultralight™ Knee Pads stand out for their superior design, which combines comfort, function, and durability.



KN-1 Ultralight™

The KN-1 Ultralight™ Knee Pads are praised for their quality and comfort. With an excellent grip, these are perfect for tasks such as roofing, flooring, landscaping, and more. In addition, the KN-1 Knee Pads are designed to be lightweight, making them comfortable for all-day wear. But make no mistake—despite their flexible outer shell and comfortable liners, these knee pads are durable and built to withstand those tough jobs.



KN-3 Ultralight™

For those who work in environments where sharp objects like screws, nails, or gravel are common, the KN-3 Ultralight™ Knee Pads offer knee protection. They feature a smooth plastic exterior, allowing you to slide easily along carpeted floors. Their rubber, plastic, and foam construction repels water and sweat, while being easy to clean and maintain. This design will keep your knee pads functioning well in challenging working environments.



The BARWALT® Ultralight™ Knee Pads are designed with your comfort in mind. Both the KN-1 and KN-3 models are completely rebuildable with replacement straps, buttons, and liners, keeping your knee pads in top shape for years to come. They also feature an accordion top. This detail is especially important because it provides you with comfort, even when standing.

replacement parts


For anyone who needs reliable knee protection for ground work, the BARWALT® Ultralight™ Knee Pads are an excellent choice, combining comfort and durability for optimal performance.