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Use a Tile Cutter for Your Next Tile Project!

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Are you planning a tiling project and wonder if you should consider tile cutters? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We will be discussing everything you want to know about tile cutters and why you will want to choose them for your next project.

Let’s focus on the advantages you will experience using Tile Cutters.  First and foremost, tile cutters are typically more affordable than wet saws.  Saving on the budget from the tool you invest in, could allow you to spring for a more desirable tile. 


Cutters do not use electricity, make no loud noises, and since they don't use water like a wet saw, they are less messy.  They are simple to use and do not require the user to have specialized skills.  Place your tile on the cutter so that the break you want aligns with the carbide tip.  Score the tile, place the breaker foot down straddling the score line and press the lever down to snap the tile in two!

Scoring               Edges


The portability of tile cutters makes them very handy to have with you right in the location of the project you are working on.  If you are down on your knees working on floor tile, the cutter can be on the floor with you.  If you are working on a backsplash, the cutter can be on the countertop.  Storing the cutters can also be more convenient because they are not large and cumbersome machinery.


The cutters are versatile, enabling you to create straight or diagonal cuts for ceramic, porcelain and even mosaic tile.  The limit here is that they cannot create curved or intricate patterns.  If you are needing that, you can opt for a hand-held scoring cutter and tile nippers, or go the route of a wet saw.


Tile cutters are ideal for both professional and novice tilers.  The cuts they make are clean and precise, yet don’t require a lot of skill.  Someone can easily just start in on a project without having an expert teach them how to do it.


MARSHALLTOWN Tile Cutters come either preassembled or with very minimal assembly required, so it is quickly ready to begin using.  Also, the act of scoring and snapping tile takes very little time.  Cutting tile with a MARSHALLTOWN 17” TILE CUTTER is literally a snap. 


The process we are referring to as cutting is actually scoring, then snapping.  First, set the adjustable guide to the desired width, then place the tile on the base, firmly against the guide.  Move the scoring wheel into position at the start of the cut. 

scoring wheel

Apply downward pressure and push the handle forward.  Then, move the breaker foot over the score line on the tile, about 1-2" from the end. Apply quick downward pressure until the tile snaps.  You will have a clean cut with no dust or residue.


For an angle cut:


Place the tile into the notch on the base, then move the adjustable guide to help keep the tile in position.

Guide AngleThen score and snap.  The secret to this system is the tungsten carbide cutting wheel.  It only takes one pass to score the tile, and the heavy-duty handle and breaker foot make snapping the tile easy!


The reliability of MARSHALLTOWN's tile cutters is aided by their rigid steel rail systems which allow for smooth operation and accurate cuts, time and time again. The precision scoring is established by our Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheels on the Contractor-Grade Series and an extra-long wearing Titanium Tungsten Carbide Scoring Wheel on the Professional Series (where specified).


All of MARSHALLTOWN’S Tile Cutters are equipped with imperial and metric Adjustable Measuring Guides at the head of each unit, along with an advantageous Protractor Gauge on select units for precise angled cuts.

With the exception of the 17" Tile Cutter, MARSHALLTOWN Tile Cutters include reinforcement arm extensions that allow for steady support of tiles that overhang from the heavy-duty base.

Arm Extensions


These quality tools make it easy for flooring professionals and DIYers to achieve straight or angled cuts for perfect ceramic, porcelain, and mosaic tile installations. Plus, these tools create less mess and cost less than a traditional wet saw. MARSHALLTOWN Tile Cutters will help you get the cut quality and finish you want. 

Your new room is ready for you to make it look amazing, so what are you waiting for?  If you would like assistance in choosing the right tile cutter for you, call 1-800-888-0127 to speak to someone on MARSHALLTOWN’s Customer Success Team.Finished Product

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