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What are the Advantages of using Flooring Cutters?

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If you are getting ready to install new plank flooring you may ask yourself, what is the difference in the cut between a miter saw and a cutter? A miter saw is a powered circular saw, while a flooring cutter will shear the width of the plank by using leverage. While there are advantages to both forms of “cutting”, we would like to point out the advantages of using flooring cutters.

First of all, what is a flooring cutter?  It is a flat bladed tool which is designed to cut through laminate and vinyl plank flooring, and possibly many other varieties depending upon the cutter you are using.  MARSHALLTOWN has a variety of options of flooring cutters so that anyone can find the right one for their needs at their price point.  The MARSHALLTOWN 13" Magnum Cutter will shear a variety of types of flooring including laminates, engineered flooring, vinyl planks, linoleum, and more.   The MARSHALLTOWN 9” Magnum Cutter will also shear up to 1” thick hardwood flooring like bamboo and oak. While the MARSHALLTOWN Ultra-Lite Flooring Cutters will cut laminates and vinyl up to 12mm thick and engineered flooring up to 10mm thick.  

Shearing a plank

Note: When shopping for flooring cutters be sure to read specifics on how wide of planks it will cut, which materials, and the thickness of material they will cut.  There are many different options to choose from and you want to make sure your flooring cutters will be the right ones for your job(s).


Key Benefits of Using Flooring Cutters

Flooring cutters are essentially dust-free

There is little- to no debris left when shearing your laminate, vinyl, or wood planks, as opposed to the piles of sawdust that build up and float throughout the air and into the duct system when sawing.  This means cleanup will also take much less time! Using a miter saw is dusty, very loud, and many times needs to be used in another location, but the alternative is to just shear it with a flooring cutter.   

Dust free

The blade is long-lasting

All MARSHALLTOWN cutters come with a honing stone to de-burr your blade, which can outlast over 20 saw blades as long as it is honed at the suggested intervals below.

               Hone your blade after your first cut

               Hone the blade again after the 5th cut

               Hone the blade after the 10th cut

               Hone the blade after 100 cuts

               After 100 cuts, you only need to hone your blade once per job for the life of the cutter.


If you would like to watch our instructional video on honing your blade, CLICK HERE

The flooring cutter blade will “shear” your flooring, so you no longer will have to deal with the splintering affect that can happen from the teeth on a saw blade.


No electricity is required

It is such a convenience to be able to move your flooring cutter easily around your workspace without the hassle of needing electricity and constantly watching to make sure you aren't tripping over the cord.  The location you are working in does not even have to have electricity available, like when you are doing a large remodeling project or working at a new construction site.  The handle on a flooring cutter uses leverage to assist you with the force needed to shear the flooring material.  MARSHALLTOWN’S Magnum Cutters come with metal jacketed ball bearing cams that provide an ultra-smooth shearing action. 


They are not loud

No hearing protection is needed.  The sound of shearing wood or laminate does make a sound, but it is nothing compared to the noisy whirring of a saw.  It is not likely you will disturb everyone else in the house from watching their favorite show while you work.

They are lightweight, compact, and convenient

The portability of flooring cutters makes them very handy to move along with you as you work across the room, or for easily moving from room-to-room and jobsite-to-jobsite.


The durability of a flooring cutter is beyond the average durability of other tools used for cutting floors.  This makes it a good investment from the start. The MARSHALLTOWN Magnum Series Cutters are built with strong, lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum, a solid base with a built-in handle for carrying, and an adjustable heavy-duty lever with lock pin for easy portability.

Results are immediate

Cutters make easier work of laying flooring.  The controlled cutting action is quick and precise, whether you want a 90° or 45° cut, you can just set your plank against the adjustable fence and shear it.


MARSHALLTOWN’s Magnum Cutters come with a built-in ruler so you don’t even need a pencil or chalk. Just line up your flooring at the correct length and pull down the lever! Very minimal assembly is required so the cutter can be put together on the day of its first job. If you would like to see how simple assembly is right out of the box, watch our short instructional video below. 


Flooring cutters have several proven benefits and can be a good alternative to using a miter saw.  They make much less mess to clean up, the blade will not need to be replaced nearly as often, no power is required, they are not noisy, and they are completely portable.  All of these are reason enough, but the knowledge that the cutters can save you time is one more persuasive argument for using flooring cutters.  No matter which tool you decide is right for your job, you will end up with beautiful floors that you can be proud of for years to come!

Finished product


Always wear safety goggles and gloves when using flooring cutters.

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