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Bullet Tools - Troubleshooting


Before troubleshooting double check the manual:

  • Is your shear properly assembled?
  • Is it being operated correctly?
  • Is it properly lubricated?
  • Has the blade been honed as recommended?

Visually inspect shear, watching for objects that might obstruct the blade or powerhead travel:

  • Foreign material presence between the blade and anvil, in the pin springs or under the cam.
  • Check your blade for chips, cracks or burrs.
  • Make sure bearings are intact and lubricated. They should not be spinning/moving on the cam during use.
ProblemCheck FirstCheck SecondCheck ThirdCheck Fourth
Diffificuly cutting Ensure cam lock is OFF. If equipped, engage power lobes (Model 226) Make sure handle is FULLY extended Check blade sharpness / condition Inspect and lubricate bearings / pins
Not cutting completely through material Inspect pins for oblong/wallowed orifice Adjust front stroke stop (MAGNUM shears) Check bearings for wear/play Ensure blade is proper nominal height
Blade sticking after completing cuts Check/remove & replace blade stops if damaged Ensure blade screws are tight Remove anvil, turn it over, reinstall Check for marks on anvil (overbite)
Rough or crushed cuts Check veneer thickness (max= 1/16") Check blade condition (chips, burrs, breaks) Ensure blade is honed and sharp Review approved materials list
Cuts aren't square Loosen fence screws, align fence, tighten Check pins for uneven wear Inspect blade and anvil/bladestop for contact
Handle not returning to open position Ensure pins are lubricated Apply grease to contact area of bearing Lubricate axle bolts Check springs for breakage
Material won't fit into cut area Check max thickness of material for your shear Reverse back stroke stop Ensure blade is proper nominal height If you have two bearings, switch which bearing is engaged
Cam lock pin bent/stuck Do not lift or carry shear by the handle Return handle slowly to open position - do not "let it fly" Disengage cam lock pin BEFORE cutting
Blade chipping Hone as directed in manual (~25 cuts, then daily) Do not cut stranded bamboo Do not cut high pressure laminate Check veneer thickness (max= 1/16 ")
Pin openings wallowed out / oblong where cam axle passes through Do not lift or carry shear by the handle Return handle slowly to open position - do not "let it fly" Check veneer thickness (max= 1/16 ") Review approved materials list
Not cutting to edge of material Check fence alignment - adjust if needed Do not "angle" material beyond the blade edge Ensure angle fence(s) are installed with WIDE edge inward (620 model)


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