The contractor-grade QLT Shears come in two designs. The first design has soft-grip handles and a stainless steel blade. It can be used for right or left-hand cutting. The second option is our hot drop forged with a bent handle and best used for commercial wallcovering.
  • Choose our soft-grip or hot drop forged design
  • Soft-grip: Stainless steel blade, for right and left-hand cutting
  • Hot drop-forged: Bent handle, for commercial wallcovering

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Item ID 19482

Shipping Weight 0.30 lbs
Shipping Length 11.20 "
Shipping Width 3.50 "
Shipping Height 0.50 "
Inner Pack Quantity 6
Outer Pack Quantity 144
Can Ship Small Package YES
UPC 035965094825

Item ID 19569

Shipping Weight 0.90 lbs
Shipping Length 12.00 "
Shipping Width 4.00 "
Shipping Height 1.00 "
Inner Pack Quantity 1
Outer Pack Quantity 132
Can Ship Small Package YES
UPC 047726000969
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