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QLT Drywall Kit

Our contractor-grade QLT Drywall Kits come in two options. Both include a Plastic Knife and a 10" Mud Pan, and all the components are shrink-wrapped together. The Hand Sander Kit comes with a Hand Sander, Corner Tool, and Triple Edge Knife. The Drywall Sponge Kit comes with a Drywall Sponge, Corner Tool, and Triple Edge Knife. Both are the perfect kit for specific drywall needs.
  • Choose between two drywall kit
  • Both fit specific drywall needs
  • Components come shrink-wrapped together
Item ID: 16298
Part #: DK298


Item I​D 1​6​2​9​8​

Shipping Weight
1.00 lbs
Shipping Length
13.70 in.
Shipping Width
5.10 in.
Shipping Height
3.70 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
12 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
12 pieces
Can Ship Small Package


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