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Rock-It 2.0

Item ID: 14799
Part #: BF9


The MARSHALLTOWN Rock-IT 2.0 Bull Float Bracket is used with fresnos, gliders, and other concrete finishing tools. This bracket design gives you the convenience of full pitch control of the tool with a simple half turn of the handle. You can use it with multiple handles for long-reaching projects. It fits all 1⅜" and 1¾" snap handles without additional adapters.
  • Connects with fresnos, gliders, or other tools that need to reach across concrete
  • Full control by turning the handle
  • Fits with all 1⅜" and 1¾" snap handles


Item I​D 1​4​7​9​9​

Shipping Weight
2.90 lbs
Shipping Length
10.00 in.
Shipping Width
6.60 in.
Shipping Height
5.80 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Can Ship Small Package