MAGNUM Floor Driver

Designed to be used while kneeling or standing, the Magnum Floor Driver is made with curved outer edges to provide a maximized point of contact while minimizing recoil. Swing as you would a hammer into a tapping block, except no tapping block is needed. Whether swinging against a tongue or flat edge, the round edge extends point of contact and disperses the force to prevent damage. Solid steel block with precise weight of 44oz provides perfect force. Angled handle allows for comfortable swing, keeping knuckles from scraping floor. Long handle and dual-sided block for every contractor to find their perfect swing. Square front can be used to ram warped boards into place.
  • Hammer and tapping block in one
  • Heavy-duty steel design is still soft on your flooring
  • Precision 44oz weight for ideal driving force
  • Curved outer edges maximize drive and minimize recoil
  • Square end to tap from multiple angles or straighten warped boards
  • Precisely place boards in 2 to 8 swings, reduced from 12 to 20 with a tapping block and hammer
  • Install faster and more efficiently for greater profit

ITEM ID 29989
PART # MT93-0044

Item ID 29989

Shipping Weight 2.40 lbs
Shipping Length 12.00 "
Shipping Width 4.00 "
Shipping Height 3.00 "
Inner Pack Quantity 1
Outer Pack Quantity 1
Can Ship Small Package YES
UPC 035965299893
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