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CenterFire Insulation Knife Kit

Item ID: 29968
Part #: CK50-1110


The CenterFire Insulation Knife Kit comes with everything you need for smoother, easier cuts through fiber and foam insulation, including mineral wood and polyester insulation. The kit includes a 7”, long-lasting and non-serrated carbon steel blade that eliminates dust and debris while cutting. It also comes with a fixed-blade utility knife handle with magnetic nose for easy changes, and a two-stage ceramic sharpener. Use this tool to cut notches, squares, and curves around outlets, windows, and more. Our dust-free Insulation Knife Kit is Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Kit includes everything professional installers need for insulation work
  • Cuts rigid foam board, blue of pink XPS, white EPS, foil-faced polyiso, fiber insulation, denim, rockwool, fiberglass, acoustic foam, foam rubber, and spray foam
  • Long-lasting 7” carbon steel blade outlasts most other blades
  • Non-serrated edge eliminates dust and debris when in use
  • Blade sharpener and ergonomic utility knife handle included
  • Made in the USA with Global Materials


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Shipping Weight
0.34 lbs
Shipping Length
8.00 in.
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2.00 in.
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2.00 in.
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1 pieces
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1 pieces
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