Gatorback® Mortar Boards & Pans

Gatorback® Mortar Boards & Pans are designed to hold mortar or stucco for easy transport and keep it at an optimal workability and consistency. The 24” x 24” green Gatorback® Mortar Boards are lightweight, water-resistant, and its contoured UV-resistant polymer material won’t conduct heat or ruin your wet material. It comes with an integrated handle for easy transportation and a reinforced ribbed backing that allows you to carry up to 150 lbs. of material with little flex. Our Gatorback® Mortar Pan is constructed from a lightweight, impact- and UV-resistant polymer that won’t conduct heat and comes with reinforced integrated handles for easy transportation. This product holds 1.75 cubic feet (225lbs) of material.
  • Easily carry and transport mortar, stucco, and plaster across your workspace
  • Gatorback® Mortar Boards are 24" x 24"
  • Gatorback® Mortar Pan holds 1.75 cubic feet (225lbs) of material
  • Gatorback® Mortar Board - 40 Pack w/Display (Quarter Pallet) Ships LTL

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Item ID 14998

Shipping Weight 8.50 lbs
Shipping Length 29.70 "
Shipping Width 29.70 "
Shipping Height 6.00 "
Inner Pack Quantity 1
Outer Pack Quantity 1
Can Ship Small Package YES
UPC 897619001036

Item ID 14999

Shipping Weight 5.60 lbs
Shipping Length 24.00 "
Shipping Width 23.60 "
Shipping Height 1.00 "
Inner Pack Quantity 1
Outer Pack Quantity 10
Can Ship Small Package YES
UPC 897619001005

Item ID 29721

Shipping Weight 236.00 lbs
Shipping Length 26.00 "
Shipping Width 26.00 "
Shipping Height 39.00 "
Inner Pack Quantity 40
Outer Pack Quantity 40
Can Ship Small Package NO
UPC 897619001005
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