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Drywall Mesh Tape

Item ID: 28250
Part #: ST50


MARSHALLTOWN Drywall Mesh Tape allows you to finish a drywall joints quickly and with minimal mess. Choose from two styles of mesh tape. The Standard Drywall Mesh Tape is self-adhesive, requiring no special preparation. Simply apply the tape directly to the joint without using compound. Then apply finish coats over the tape. This product measures 2" wide, comes in a 300' roll, and is Made in the USA with Global Materials. The Mesh Joint Tape Roll is self-adhesive and alkali-resistant. To use, apply tape to the joint and apply finish coats. This product comes in a 50' roll.
  • Self-adhesive mesh tape
  • Finish drywall joints quickly with minimal mess
  • Standard Drywall Mesh Tape comes in 300' roll
  • Mesh Joint Tape Roll comes in 50' roll


Item I​D 2​8​2​5​0​

Shipping Weight
0.15 lbs
Shipping Length
3.75 in.
Shipping Width
3.75 in.
Shipping Height
2.00 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
8 pieces
Can Ship Small Package