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Float Faster, Finish Smoother

Amp up your collection of concrete tools with MARSHALLTOWN’s White Lightning™ line!


Get ready for a breakthrough in concrete floating technology. MARSHALLTOWN’s White Lightning™ tools bring quality and ease to your concrete jobs, so you can get the job done faster with professional results. Choose a bull float, darbyhand float or one of each for your next project. MARSHALLTOWN’s White Lightning™ concrete tools are a step above the competition because of their three key features: durability, efficiency, and versatility.


The White Lightning™ line will hold up against your toughest projects. Each tool features a low-friction polymer blade that is lightweight and exceptionally durable. The blade is impact-resistant for a long lifespan and will not absorb liquid, preventing corrosion and rust. The White Lightning™ Darby and Hand Floats are equipped with a resilient DuraSoft® handle, providing you with a comfortable grip that will reduce your fatigue on the job.

hand float


Besides being constructed of a high-quality material, the White Lightning™ concrete tools are also built right. The blades have rounded edges, allowing them to slide over concrete without gouging the surface. Another bonus is the blade’s non-stick surface, which makes cleaning up easier. The White Lightning™ line of tools work efficiently. The Hand Float allows for a reduced setting time, while both the Bull Float and Darby keep the concrete surface open longer while bringing up the bleed water and pushing down the aggregate resulting in a smoother, more professional-looking finish in less time.

bull float


Whether you need a bull float, a darby, or a hand float for smoothing the surface, White Lightning™ has you covered. Choose from three sizes of bull float and five sizes of hand float for any concrete job, big or small.

bull float
hand float


Overall, choosing MARSHALLTOWN’s White Lightning™ concrete tools is the smart move because they are durable, efficient, and come in several tool styles and sizes. With White Lightning™ in your toolbox, you will float concrete faster and easier for smoother, professional results.