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Invest in the Best Paint Cleaning Tools

Reusing your paint roller covers will help you save money, reduce waste, and bring convenience to your painting jobs.


If you are tossing your used paint roller covers after every use, you are producing unnecessary waste and costing yourself extra money. A quality roller cover should last up to 5 paint cycles before negatively affecting your paint application. Over time, the more expensive roller covers will end up paying for themselves.

We conducted a survey and discovered about 61% of DIY and Pro painters prefer to clean and reuse roller covers. Cleaning rollers at the end of the day may feel like one more job to do, but with MARSHALLTOWN’s premium roller cleaning tools, it will turn into an easy, natural step. This guide will walk you through the advantages of reusing your roller covers as well as the right tools to use to keep your painting materials in top condition.

Advantages of Reusing Paint Roller Covers


In a world focused on ecofriendly practices, it makes the most sense to reuse materials when possible. Reusing roller covers instead of throwing them away after each paint application will help reduce waste. High quality roller covers are made to be reused, and by cleaning them correctly, they will continue to produce professional-looking results.  

Money Saver 

In today’s economy, everyone is looking to save money where possible. Saving your paint roller covers for upcoming jobs will help you save money on supplies. A high-quality cover or set of covers may cost more, but when the covers are cleaned properly and the fibers are not damaged, you can get several uses out of the roller without sacrificing the quality. When you repeatedly buy new, even cheaper covers, the cost adds up quickly. 


Do you have a last-minute paint job? When you take the proper steps to clean and store your roller covers, you know you will always have one on hand and can avoid additional trips to the store. You don’t throw away your paint brush after one use, so while you are washing your brush, take a few extra steps to clean your cover, too.

The Best Tools to Use

When your goal is to extend the life of your painting materials, not only should you invest in high-quality rollers and roller covers but also in the right maintenance tools. With MARSHALLTOWN’s line of paint applicator cleaning tools, you can easily extend the life of your paint rollers and covers.

Roller Squeegee

The MARSHALLTOWN Roller Squeegee may be simple to use, but it has a big job when it comes to cleaning roller covers. The Roller Squeegee quickly and efficiently squeezes excess paint out of a roller cover without damaging the roller nap. This tool helps you save time and water during cleanup and reclaim excess paint from the roller for the next use. Check out the video below to see this tool in action. 

Roller Cleaner

MARSHALLTOWN’s Roller Cleaner takes innovation to another level with two tools in one. First, painters can use the scraper end to remove excess paint from the cover. Next, over a 5 gallon bucket, slide the roller cleaner over the roller cover (this tool works with a standard 9” roller cover) and attach a standard garden hose to the threaded end of the cleaner. Watch the paint disappear quickly and with little mess. This tool works quickly and efficiently, saving you time and energy.

Premium Paint Brush Comb

You are probably already using the MARSHALLTOWN Premium Paint Brush Comb to clean your paint brush, but did you know it works for cleaning roller covers, too? It’s another great tool for scraping off excess paint, featuring an integrated roller cleaner to save you paint, time, and energy. Check out our previous Workshop post for more details — Lengthen the Life of Your Paint Tools.


We know most people prefer to reuse their roller covers for multiple paint jobs. Now, we want to put the best cleaning tools in your hands. It may be an extra step at the end of the day, but the advantages are clear — you will extend the life of your painting tools, save money, and help create an eco-friendly environment.