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Product Spotlight

The Cutting-Edge Tool for Siding Professionals

The Magnum Series Siding Cutters cut siding materials quickly with little mess unlike chop saws and circular saws.

Easy, Mess-Free Tool Removes Doors in a Snap

With this tool and a hammer, removing a door hinge pin is easy and mess-free!

2-in-1 Tool Speeds Up Drywall Projects

The MARSHALLTOWN TapeShooter™ Drywall Taper allows you to tape and mud drywall seams with one tool.

Versatile Tool Makes Tiling a Breeze

There are many advantages to using Tile Cutters for your next tiling project.

The Must-Have Tool for Flooring Professionals

Saving time and energy are just two of the many advantages of using flooring cutters.

Tiling 101: Notched Trowels and Their Uses

Notch shape and size can be the difference between loose tiles or a perfectly level, long lasting finish.