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The Ideal Tool for Installing Insulation

The CenterFire Shut-N-Cut is a must-have insulation tool for professional installers and brings efficiency and ease to the jobsite.

Properly insulating your home or place of business offers many advantages—keeping it comfortable year-round while also reducing heating and cooling costs. Installing insulation is a wise investment for homeowners, plus the process is straightforward, consisting of only a few steps.

Installing Insulation

Choose the Right Material

There are several types of insulation to choose from— fiberglass, mineral fiber, denim, foam, and more. Each has an R-value which is a measurement of that material’s resistance to heat flow. Depending on your location, you may want a material with the highest R-value or one with a lower R-value.

acoustic foam
spray insulation


Prep Your Walls

It’s important that the area you are working with is clean. Using a hammer, screwdriver, and vacuum, clear the areas between the studs, removing any nails or screws, unused wires, spider webs, and other debris.

Unroll & Trim

Unroll the insulation and allow it to expand. If you’re working with a roll, you will need to trim it to the correct length. Make sure you are wearing the proper gear including safety glasses, gloves, closed-toe shoes, long pants, and a long shirt.

Time to Install

Once you’ve trimmed the insulation, carefully place it into the opening between the wall studs. Be sure to trim around any electrical outlets. The insulation should fit snug so it will stay in place.



The Must-Have Tool

With MARSHALLTOWN’s CenterFire Shut-N-Cut and Knife Kit, installing insulation just got even easier. The Shut-N-Cut is an essential insulation tool for professionals, thanks to its efficiency, precision, and convenience.




The CenterFire Shut-N-Cut insulation cutting system with a 7” Insulation Knife is designed to make cuts through several types of insulation materials. From batt insulation to acoustic foam-type panels, from denim to mineral fiber, the Shut-N-Cut cutting system can handle diverse materials with ease, allowing you to work quickly and efficiently.


The Shut-N-Cut features an oversized clamp and an elevated cut guide. The clamp compresses the insulation material by up to 80%, allowing for faster, precise cuts. With an elevated cut guide, the knife blade will only contact the insulation, preventing it from dulling against hard surfaces. A sharp blade makes for clean, precise cuts.




Weighing just 9 lbs., this insulation tool is lightweight and portable, making it convenient to transport around your jobsite. Additionally, each CenterFire Shut-N-Cut comes with a 1-year warranty and a complimentary Insulation Knife Kit, which includes a 7” non-serrated blade, a blade sharpener, and an ergonomic utility knife handle for added durability and ease of use.



Properly insulating your home offers numerous benefits, and using MARSHALLTOWN’s CenterFire Shut-N-Cut adds convenience and ease to the process. With its efficient cutting design, precision, and durable construction, this insulation tool has everything you need to get through even the most frustrating insulation jobs.