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QLT Mud Pan & Tape Holder

Item ID: 16228
Part #: MP228


The contractor-grade, QLT Mud Pan and Tape Holder hooks to your belt and holds the mud pan in an easily accessed position to give you free hands. It can conveniently hold a 12" mud pan and up to a 500' roll of drywall tape. Get this 12" product to make your drywall work an easier process.
  • 12" product size
  • Holds a 12" mud pan and 500' roll of drywall tape
  • Hooks to your belt


Item I​D 1​6​2​2​8​

Shipping Weight
1.11 lbs
Shipping Length
14.80 in.
Shipping Width
7.50 in.
Shipping Height
5.70 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
6 pieces
Can Ship Small Package