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QLT Rollers

Item ID: 16008
Part #: JR008


Our contractor-grade, QLT Rollers comes in a "J" Roller style. It's designed for use by plastic laminate installers. It has a recessed end that permits rolling near backsplashes and walls. The roller is 3" wide and 13" in length with a 1½" diameter.
  • Used for backsplashes and walls
  • Designed for use by plastic laminate installers
  • Roller size: 13" x 3" with a 1½" diameter


Item I​D 1​6​0​0​8​

Shipping Weight
0.70 lbs
Shipping Length
13.00 in.
Shipping Width
4.75 in.
Shipping Height
1.75 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
6 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
60 pieces
Can Ship Small Package