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Used to easily square up inside corner angles, the MARSHALLTOWN Slicker has a bent edge that makes the slicker more rigid than a wedge-shaped darby, yet more flexible than a featheredge. This product is lightweight and made for long-wearing for you to have a reliable tool. Designed in one size the slicker will give you quality work for your needs.
  • Made from magnesium alloy
  • Lightweight and long-wearing
  • Comes in a 42-inch x 4¾-inch size
  • Made in the USA
Item ID: 15764
Part #: 5764


Item I​D 1​5​7​6​4​

Shipping Weight
0.90 lbs
Shipping Length
42.25 in.
Shipping Width
4.80 in.
Shipping Height
0.50 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
2 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
2 pieces
Can Ship Small Package


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