Slick Shot Spray-On Lubricant

Slick Shot is a spray-on lubricant that increases the life of a MAGNUM or EZ Shear when used regularly to keep the moving parts “tuned-up” and lubricated.
  • Special water-based, low VOC formula that lubricates parts without creating an oily residue
  • Use on the shears pins (vertical shafts) and bearing surfaces for best results
  • In addition to MAGNUM and EZ Shears, can be used on any tool with moving parts
  • One bottle contains enough lubricant for 6 months of heavy use

ITEM ID 29839
PART # 701-SL

Item ID 29839

Shipping Weight 0.20 lbs
Shipping Length 5.00 "
Shipping Width 1.50 "
Shipping Height 1.50 "
Inner Pack Quantity 1
Outer Pack Quantity 1
Can Ship Small Package YES
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