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ProSkim™ Display Kit

Item ID: 27656
Part #: 27656


The MARSHALLTOWN ProSkim™ Display Kit contains 3 SKIM60, 3 SKIM80, 3 SKIM100, 6 adjustable brackets, and 8 handles for use in retail stores. This kit comes fully assembled. These finishing tools are lightweight, easy to use, and are the preferred professional tool for skim coating a level 5 drywall finish, plaster rendering, and smoothing drywall compound over joints and wall patches. All stainless steel (INOX) blades have the right amount of flex for smoothing and feathering and they come with a reusable edge guard for protection during transit. All ProSkim™ blades, brackets, and handles are Made in the USA with Global Materials.
  • Display contains: 3 SKIM60, 3 SKIM80, 3 SKIM100, 6 brackets, and 8 handles
  • ProSkims™ are the preferred tool for plaster rendering, smoothing drywall compound, and achieving a level 5 skim coat drywall finish
  • Stainless steel (INOX) blade measures .3mm for optimal blade flex
  • Use quick clamping bracket and extension handle to smooth ceilings and walls
  • The ProSkim™ line is Made in the USA with Global Materials


Item I​D 2​7​6​5​6​

Shipping Weight
50.68 lbs
Shipping Length
18.75 in.
Shipping Width
20.00 in.
Shipping Height
43.00 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Can Ship Small Package

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