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1 Gallon Pour Spout

Item ID: 29257
Part #: GPS1


MARSHALLTOWN 1 gal. Pour Spouts transform standard paint cans into something easier for painters to handle. Its pronounced pour spout allows for mess-free pouring into paint cups, pails, and trays. This tool also includes a convenient paint brush comb wiping blade to rid any excess paint from the user’s paint brush.
  • Pronounced pour spout for mess-free pouring
  • Paint brush comb wiping blade
  • Easily attaches to mouth of 1 gallon (3.79L) paint can
  • Fits most 1 gallon paint can rims
  • Snap on pour spout eliminates paint from accumulating in the rim of the paint can:
  • Reduces paint splatter when placing the lid back onto the can
  • Allows for air tight seal between can and lid when in storage


Item I​D 2​9​2​5​7​

Shipping Weight
0.10 lbs
Shipping Length
8.75 in.
Shipping Width
6.75 in.
Shipping Height
1.50 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
12 pieces
Can Ship Small Package

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