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5 Gallon Pour Spout

MARSHALLTOWN 5 Gallon Pour Spout transforms your plastic or metal bucket into an easy, mess-free way to pour paint. This attachment comes with three pull apart fittings to adapt to multiple bucket styles.
  • Fits plastic and metal 5 gallon bucket lids for easy, mess-free pouring
  • Made from durable, easy to clean plastic
  • Includes three attachments that can be pulled apart to fit tint plug or threaded bung types
  • Cap allows for airtight seal during storage
Item ID: 29255
Part #: GPS5


Item I​D 2​9​2​5​5​

Shipping Weight
0.13 lbs
Shipping Length
4.68 in.
Shipping Width
3.00 in.
Shipping Height
3.00 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
12 pieces
Can Ship Small Package

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