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Radial Pole Sander Handle

Item ID: 28944
Part #: 48ALUMB


MARSHALLTOWN Aluminum Pole Sander Handles are made of a lightweight aluminum material. At 4’ long, these Poles significantly extend the reach of your MARSHALLTOWN Radial Pole Sander or any other tool that accepts a male-threaded broom handle. These poles come with rubber washers on the threads to keep the handle securely fastened to the head of your tool during use. The opposite end of these handles is also threaded to accept additional handles to further extend your reach.
  • Made from lightweight aluminum
  • Pole length: 4'
  • Rubber washer on threads keep handle securely fastened to head during use
  • Opposite end of handle threaded to accept additional handles


Item I​D 2​8​9​4​4​

Shipping Weight
0.92 lbs
Shipping Length
49.50 in.
Shipping Width
1.12 in.
Shipping Height
1.12 in.
Inner Pack Quantity
1 pieces
Outer Pack Quantity
12 pieces
Can Ship Small Package

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