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Spin Screed® - Testimonials

My name is Dan and I own and operate a small construction business in Louisiana. I purchased a Spin Screed® a little over a year ago after seeing a video on YouTube. I already had a similar machine that was hydraulic driven that worked very well but was kind of heavy and required a hydraulic power source to operate. After purchasing one of your machines and using it a few times I thought to myself "Why didn't I do this sooner".

Your machine is so easy to load in the truck, set up when you get to the job and clean up and put away when your done. It speeds up our production and saves on my employees backs not having to bend over to pull a traditional screed board. I am around a lot of other construction companies and for the life of me I cannot figure our why every company that pours concrete does not have one of your screeds in their truck. Thanks for answering my questions every time I call and taking care of me when I need something.
Dan Neubert LaDanCo LLC

Thanks for staying in touch, congrats on the new place, we use our spin screeds all the time big and small jobs it's fast and sure takes the work out of placing flat work.

It has built our confidence and improved the quality of our workmanship, the Spin Screed's simple design makes it a snap to set up and use, and it's very affordable. We just don't go to work without it.

Thanks for sharing your great idea with us. Again congrats on your new facility.
Tom Duby pres. Jireh Industrial Services

Just wanted to let you know we used the screed for the first time yesterday and it worked fantastic! 13x50 slab for our shop. My 70+ year old dad and stepdad were really impressed how easy it was. Thanks for bringing a fantastic new idea to the old concrete industry. Once the shop is done I can finally get the driveway aprons done after 22 years. Now if you could revolutionize the power trowel - that machine has a learning curve for sure!
Mike from Montana

As I'm writing this testimonial, we just finished a 105 yard pour this morning. We had the SPIN SCREED w/ 22' tube up against our cumbersome gas powered roller screed w/ 22' tube. After we poured out several trucks the guy's tossed the gas powered screed to the side and we used the SPIN SCREED to finish the job. The SPIN SCREED is far more versatile, lighter, less cumbersome than our old gas powered screed. And it actually screeds our concrete flatter. What we like so much about the SPIN SCREED compared to the gas powered screed is the SPIN SCREED is multi directional. We can put the live end on any side of the pour we like. Our gas powered screed is only one direction which is very limiting to our pouring options. We will be purchasing another SPIN SCREED in the near future.
Troy Scott, Cimmeron Construction

I just wanted to thank you guys for the awesome Spin Screed you guys sold to us. We were able to lay down 377 yards of concrete in 4 hours up on a suspended slab on our water tank. The guys love how light weight this screed is and easy to use. Thanks again.
Josh Hinckley, Project Manager, Alder Construction Company

I just received my Spin Screed Monday and used it for the first time today. Although I am old and beat up and had some greenhorn help, we were able to place the concrete fast with our new 20-foot Spin Screed. Although we were in direct sunlight with wind and a heat index of 103, my sons said it was the easiest pour ever. Thank you for your product-It's a great equalizer. Work smart not hard use Spin Screed!
Mark Edwards, LECO Services LLC

We love the Spin Screed. We have been using it for over 5 years now and are convinced it is the best screed. It makes the concrete very flat and easy to finish. I hope your invention achieves you lots of success. It certainly has helped us.
Tim and Rene Polda, Polda Construction, LLC

We purchased our first Spin Screed in 2009. We purchased our second one a few years later as a backup and in 2016 we are still using the one purchased in 2009. The Spin Screed is light and very versatile, easy to move and only needs an electrical cord, not hydraulic hoses. The Spin Screed is so easy to use that just a few years ago, I took a photo of my Dad who was 80 years old and previous owner and my daughter who was 21 years old putting down concrete together.

As a General Contractor, we use to think that pouring 3000 sq. ft. was a back breaking and exhausting job. We now can pour 12,000 sq. ft. in a matter of hours. We will start at 6 am and by 11:30 am we will have the concrete down. By 6 pm the concrete will be finished and control joints cut. We have to pour with a pump or conveyor truck because the trucks take too long in changing out. At times we are pouring concrete at 1 yard per minute, or a truck every 10 minutes.

One of the greatest benefits is the labor saving. It took a while to convince the crew that we did not need them to rake as we poured. We use the bump and run method and while the concrete is pumped we just keep knocking it down. Again, light enough to not wear out the screed operators. This saved us 4 men to start the finish process.

I have compared this to several other types including laser screeds. I haven't found anything as versatile and cost effective as this. If you watch any laser screed videos they use a very high slump, 2-3 men raking and almost never use wire mesh or rebar. We use the right slump, any type of matting and got great results with flatness. We poured a 40,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 24' storage racks in it and the customer did not shim the storage racks. We also have poured several multi-pitch pads for driveways and parking lots, which other systems have a hard time doing.

The results are, we make more money, customers are recognizing our quality, crews get more done with less exhaustion, and engineers are now recommending us to their customers.
G. Webster, Inc

We purchased one of your Spin Screeds about a month ago. Since that time, we have placed two slabs with 35 and 25 yards respectively. My older crew with bad backs placed the concrete efficiently, quickly and accurately. Using your system of 1/4 by 2 screed bars, we also had the flattest slab ever. Our end result was so much better than we used to get when we hired professionals for our flat work. My crew voted the Spin Screed the best labor saving tool that I have ever purchased. It's also a pleasure doing business with the owner of the company every time I call. Thank you again.
Paul Lussier, Builder Developer and Owner of Fieldstone Landing, LLC

The Spin Screed is awesome-it is the coolest thing I've ever seen. Using the Spin Screed, we were able to put down rapid set mortar mix twice as fast as our competition while maintaining extremely flat surfaces.
Mike Sewell, Project Manager, at HTI Polymer discussing the Spin Screed and its work inside on the biggest building in the World, The Boeing assembly building in Seattle Washington

Using the Spin Screed, we are now placing four times more square footage per day than we were with our previous screed. We more than paid for our Spin Screed on the labor savings the first day we used it.
Gary Webster, owner of G. Webster, Inc

We just finished the easiest 10,000 sq ft parking lot we have ever done using the Spin Screed. Spin Screed worked better than my laser screed on this lot because of all of the grade changes. We love it.
Darrell Sahlstrom of North Island Concrete, Ltd

I want to tell you how impressed I am with your customer service. Every time I have called with a question, I have talked with you. It means a lot to me to speak with the person who built the Spin Screed and who also uses it in their daily occupation. I feel like I have learned a lot from our conversations and I want to let you know how much I appreciate that. Again, many thanks!
John Fehr

We used the Spin Screed on a Utah Light Rail extension project. Spin Screed did an amazing job of allowing us to pour out for the boarding platforms. We modified one end of the Spin Screed so that it would strike out the extra depth needed for installing detectable warning strips. It saved us a lot of time and shovel work. The Spin Screed was definitely a great investment for Kiewit/Herzog/Parsons a joint venture.
Ryan Naught, Structures Superintendent.

We have used the Spin Screed for the past four years on interstate highway patching projects in Illinois. The Spin Screed is hands down the very best screed on the market today. We are keeping the inspectors happy by producing durable and flat patches, we are keeping our boss happy with outstanding productivity and we are keeping our help happy by providing them with a dependable, light weight and easy to use screed.
Mike Anderson, Sipes Construction.

Just want to tell you we have been using the Spin Screed the last week for the first time. One of the best investments I have ever made! The help love it and so do I. We are amazed on how flat the pours are. We are more amazed how the edges are perfect on a six inch slope in twenty feet. Especially with fairly wet concrete. If I tried that with my Morrison screed it would be a half inch above the form.

The city of Holdrege Nebraska found out that I had purchased one and wanted to know if they could come watch us pour so they could decide if they wanted one. I invited them out for a 200x20 pour the next morning. They were there for the first ten feet, got in their trucks and will be contacting you. They were as amazed as we are.

Clean up is an absolute blessing! Thirty seconds and you're done. I can't believe how much time it saves. Thank you for one of the finest pieces of equipment I have purchased in years.
Brian Popple - Popple Const. Funk - Nebraska

We've done over 9000 panels using the Spin Screed - works fast - not one second of down time.
Greg Jeffers - Pre Cast - Paris, Missouri

I would give up my riding power trowel before I would give up my Spin Screed. Best screed I have ever used. Fast and Flat.
Bob Jackson - Jackson Construction - Idaho

The Spin Screed is to concrete work what the nail gun is to roofing.
Don Mathis - Fine Homebuilding Magazine - Illinois

This is the first thing that I have purchased that works better than they said it would!
Gerald Charlet - Kentucky

We like the simplicity and ease of operation of the Spin Screed.
Jerry Waldner - Manitoba, Canada

I can truly say that the Spin Screed has been one of the best investments I've made in 18 years of business.
Lester Gingerich - Gingerich Concrete Construction - Kentucky

The Spin Screed amazed me as it was turned on for the very first time - Producing a flat surface that is easy to finish.
Don Jaeger - All Concrete Construction - Iowa

My crews liked the Spin Screed so well I bought a second one so that they wouldn't fight over who gets to use the Spin Screed
Colvin Concrete Construction - Indiana

I am very impressed with the Spin Screed. My help is amazed and pleased that pouring concrete has become so simple.
Timothy Brewer - Indiana

We poured a 65 yard basement floor in 1 hour and 45 minutes using the Spin Screed - It worked wonderful.
Dale Koontz - Builder - Illinois

We poured 163 yards for an Indiana turn lane in 3 hours and 55 minutes using the Spin Screed. We could have poured it faster but the concrete supplier couldn't keep up.
Pete Belange - Superintendent - Rieth-Riley Construction - Indiana

Since getting the Spin Screed, we have poured ten circular pads for grain bins. The Spin Screed makes our work so much easier than the old way of using a board and crawling along on our knees and shaking the board. Does a great job and easier on our back.
Mark Pulliam - Two Rivers FS - Illinois


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