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Flooring & Tiling

Fix Uneven Floors in Six Steps

Before you put down your new floors, underlayment is a great way to ensure your subfloor will be level.

Versatile Tool Makes Tiling a Breeze

There are many advantages to using Tile Cutters for your next tiling project.

The Must-Have Tool for Flooring Professionals

Saving time and energy are just two of the many advantages of using flooring cutters.

Six Simple Steps for Replacing Tile

Follow this guide to easily replace a broken floor tile.

One Task Keeps Cutter Blades Sharp and Durable

Honing your blade is a crucial component of your shear’s upkeep.

Unsanded Grout vs. Sanded Grout

Follow this guide so you know exactly which type of grout you need for a beautiful, long-lasting tile project!