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Masonry & Stonework

Masonry 101: Tools and Techniques

Having the right tools for a masonry job is an important part of achieving a quality finish.

Gatorback® Mortar Boards: Best in Class

Work confidently with the durable Gatorback® Mortar Board.

Comparing Mortar Types

Mortar is the element that bonds bricks or other masonry units together to provide structural integrity.

Spruce Up Your Patio with a Cultured Stone Firepit

Add stylish stone to your outdoor firepit using cultured stone veneers.

Brick Trowel Basics

This post will help you choose the right brick trowel for your next project.

Making Old Brickwork New Again

Learn how to keep brick walls, chimneys, firepits, and garden retaining walls in tip-top shape.