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The Hopper Guns Preferred by Professionals

WAL-BOARD TOOLS Hopper Guns help you achieve professional-quality results on your drywall projects.

Use a Texture Stencil for Easy Drywall Repairs

Texture Stencils allow you to easily repair a damaged textured wall without the need to hire a professional!

2-in-1 Tool Speeds Up Drywall Projects

The MARSHALLTOWN TapeShooter™ Drywall Taper allows you to tape and mud drywall seams with one tool.

Drywall Panel Lift is a Game Changer

With a Drywall Panel Lift, anyone can drywall an entire room alone.

Easy Guide for Patching Drywall Holes

Don’t sweat it if you wind up with a hole in your drywall – repairing it is easier than you think!